A couple of years ago Pete had a realization. After working in the fitness industry for a while he noticed something was missing. Working for numerous facility's (big and small) Pete noticed that a lot of the focus from these organizations was on getting more and more members through the door without properly acknowledging each individuals needs. So the time came for Pete to step out in the big wide world and open his own gym. A gym that was less concerned about getting more members, and more concerned with nurturing the ones they already had. 

Your Health and Fitness was born shortly afterwards. Our gym revolves around community, and building strong relationships with every member that walks through the door.

Knowing that you have potential and feeling like you can reach it are two entirely different things. That’s where we come in. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a confidence boost to get you going. Other times, you need a strong kick up the arse and a reality check. Luckily for you, we’re experts in both.



What you should know: The bloke likes to think he’s witty (and he probably is), but when it comes to spelling… let’s just say he should stick to his day job.

What he’d like you to know: Losing 30kg a few years ago meant Pete became a gym regular. A helpful nature led him to start working with other members, showing them new exercises and pushing them to strive for more. When his wife suggested he should become a PT he thought: “women really are smarter than men.” Then he did his cert 3 and 4. Fast-forward another 8 years of experience and you’ve got an excellent personal trainer.

Enjoying life and having a laugh (usually at his own jokes) are what’s most important to Pete. Find him lifting at the gym, discovering a new weekend adventure or playing video games when he’s not working. His personal motto? Get shit done!