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We cater to your needs. With many different membership, class and personal training options, we will tailor the best program for you.

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Gym Memberships

This part’s obvious. We offer a couple of different memberships and regularly run promotions for both new and existing members. Pop in to see what we’re running this month!

Personal Training

If you’re needing an extra kick of motivation, or you’ve got so much that you want to push yourself further and bring on faster results, think about personal training. You can add a session to your weekly membership fee, or save some pennies with bulk packages. Have a chat with us to tailor the option that will work best for you. 


Once you’ve found your workout groove, step it up a notch and join in on one of many member challenges we run throughout the year. They vary in length and intensity, and are focussed on results according to your body and your goals, not your competitors. 



Voltage – Combining explosive strength, ballistic and plyometric exercises to work your whole body in a short 30 minute session.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 24 – 36 hours**


Bringing functional strength training into a class environment. Fusion is a 45 minute class with each week having a different focus;

*1st Monday of the month - Legs
*2nd Monday of the month - Chest & Triceps
*3rd Monday of the month - Back & Biceps
*4th Monday of the month - Shoulders 

**Recommended rest period after this session between 36 - 48 hours***


Cycle HIIT - A full body workout incorporating the use of spin bikes, conditioning and full body exercises.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 - 24 hours**



Strengthen your legs & core with 45 minutes of resistance and cardio based exercises targeting the Butt, Abs & Thighs.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours** 


Focusing on proper boxing technique, Strike provides an overall full body strength & conditioning workout to help aid you with co-ordination, balance, muscular endurance, power, speed & cardiovascular fitness. 

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 - 24 hours**

Power Trip

Using full body movements and military style drills this class will test your limits and push your boundaries boot camp style.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours**