What’s MyZone & Why Should You Use It?


You might know we’re a MyZone equipped gym, but you might not know why. MyZone is a state of the art heart rate monitoring system that displays your effort level in real time across our TV’s while you work out. Your reading is shown in a colour, which tells you how hard you’re working at a particular point in time.

Here’s what is going on in your body during each Zone:

Light Grey, 50-59% of MAX HR – This zone is classed as very light and is optimal to help speed up and aid recovery after heavier training sessions. You should ideally spend 20 – 40 minutes in this zone to see benefits.

Blue, 60-69% of MAX HR – This zone is deemed light and helps increase aerobic endurance, strengthen the body to tolerate higher intensity training and increases fat metabolism. 40-80 minutes in this zone is ideal.

Green, 70-79% of MAX HR – Now you’re in the moderate zone which helps to increase your aerobic power, whilst also improving blood circulation. Stay in this zone from 10-40 minutes for optimal results.

Yellow, 80-89% of MAX HR – This zone is classed as hard and should only be reached for a maximum of 2-10 minutes. During this zone your body’s anaerobic tolerance increases as well as your speed and performance.

Red, 90-100% of MAX HR – This is the maximum your heart can tolerate and should only be achieved in short bursts of 0-2 minutes before recovery is needed. During this zone the neuromuscular system strengthens as well as maximum speed and reaction timing.

Last week, you might have read about our tips for goal setting. If not, you can read them here. MyZone is a great tool for helping you with your goals, enabling you to measure and track workouts.

We currently sell belts for $129 and offer 7-day free trials to show you what you’re in for. Believe us, you’ll be hooked!

Jess Knollmeyer