Our Team



Sometimes all you need is a bit of a confidence boost to get you going.

Other times, you need a strong kick up the arse and a reality check. Luckily for you, we’re experts in both.


PeteR Harrison

Pete is the proud owner of YHAF and certainly loves to put you through your paces. As much as he loves pushing you to your max, he has a softer side that will guide you through those challenging days. Be sure to ask him to demo lunges or ‘Lungs’ as he commonly writes them on the whiteboard!


Amy Donnelly

You'll find Amy behind the desk greeting you with a smile and is the backbone to our customer support. Amy is also an aspiring Personal Trainer, so you will start to see her training clients in the gym. Don't let that smile fool you though, she packs a punch!


Anthony Leveque

Anthony is one of the most motivated and energetic person I know it’s almost annoying. His positive and “have a go at anything” attitude is just what you want to push you to your next PB. Just make sure you don't get in between him and his Flexing selfie!


Jessie Thalas

Jessie is a passionate and knowledgeable fitness instructor with an awesome attitude towards all things health and fitness. Being a teacher and a mum, Jessie has incredible patience and a great ‘mum voice’ that will get your butt into gear! She will give you that extra push when you need it and motivate you throughout your workout, all with a warm smile and a high five at the end.


Bianca Molina

If you are looking for someone to talk to at YHAF, Bianca would be that person. She can get along with anyone; young, old, or any newbie in the gym. She can talk, and talk, and talk some more! Bianca can help you out whether it be behind the reception desk or in the classes. She is determined to help others and is ready to learn new things in regards to fitness and healthy lifestyle!!