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Love everything about YHAF!!!! Trainers, classes and other users. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. You won't regret joining.

— Trish via Facebook



A fantastic gym, with an amazing, friendly and supportive team. YHAF is the perfect environment to achieve Your Health and Fitness goals!

— Emma Santamaria



Your Health & Fitness Gym has played a pivotal role in assisting me to achieve a much improved health and living standard. During my time at the gym I have received great guidance and support from all of the YHAF staff. The programme at the gym has given me an excellent understanding of using exercise as a positive influence in my life as well as the importance of making healthy choice decisions.

— Tony Williamson



I approached YHAF because of the location, it looked progressive with lots of classes, plenty of new equipment and the fact that it is a 24hr gym. The boot camps, 12 week challenges and the fun days organised outside the gym have all been a great experience. Coming to YHAF is the best decision I made regarding my fitness. I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been! I would recommend YHAF to people of all ages and fitness levels who need access to a 24hr gym, are looking to include some classes or use the great facilities. There is something for everyone!

— Amanda Davis



Love everything about this gym. Great equipment and great staff. In the past I have always found that the better the gym the more wankers you see working out. The members at this gym are really considerate of each other and it's just an inspiring and motivating place to work out. Membership pricing is also really affordable. I can't recommend YHAF highly enough!

— Jackie Glazier via Facebook



After years of no exercise no sport I join YHAF, joined a challenge, its great when you watch everyone thriving for that end goal, its well equipped, plenty of space to workout and the staff are amazing, they greet you by name, they punish you with heart pumping workouts but at the same time motivate you and push you to your limits. I have officially become a YHAF GYM Junkie.

— Faafao Bubs Aholima via Facebook