Cranbourne West

The no one size fits all thing applies to convenient hours, too. All our members have 24/7 access to the gym. If you want to catch a team member for help or a chat, you can find us within these hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9:00am till 12:00pm and 2:00pm till 7:00pm

Friday and Saturday
9:00am till 12:00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays


5-7 Paramount Blvd, Cranbourne West VIC 3977 — Get directions

Call us —1300 968 749




Having access to a variety of equipment, without having to wait is important to our members, so it’s important to us too. We’ve just kitted out the gym with brand new gear, adding extra where it was needed. When you come on board, we take you through the gym and show you how to use everything properly. Lacking confidence in a particular area? Want to up your weights and need a spotter? No worries, just ask us for a hand.